Westie Jahan on old stairs in the South-East of France

Are you an activity, a business, a pet friendly destination or a dog accessory dealer?

Contact Jahan, the Westie blogger, to work with us!

The sites monwestie.fr and Ethno Travels join forces to help you promote your destination or product.

monwestie.fr and Ethno Travels, it’s:

  • A website specialized in advising westie and dog owners in general: accessories, travel, hiking, pet friendly destinations, etc.
  • A website specialized in ethnographic travel in the Basque Country and Asia.
  • A YouTube channel.
  • All supported by the latest SEO and social network marketing techniques.

What we propose.

  • You give us your product or you invite us to test your activity, hotel or destination.
  • We give you our objective opinion.
  • According to your needs, we can help you determine which service(s) suits you best: review article or destination on monwestie.fr, other article on this blog or on Ethno Travels, creation of videos for the YouTube channel Ethno Travels, Pinterest pins, Instagram post, website audit, customer relationship audit etc.

Download Ethno Travels media kit.

You will find in our media kit all the information and statistics you need to know if you want to work with us.

Téléchargez le média kit en cliquant ici

Contact us!

Are you ready to work with us or do you have any questions? Feel free to send us an email using the form below.

See you soon!

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