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Discover my tips for better living and traveling with your dog.

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Blogging is fun!

I’m Jahan, the little westie from Ethno Travels. Like my mom Stephanie, I decided to become a blogger, to give you the best tips and pet-friendly addresses!

By reading my blog, you will better understand the psychology of your dog. You will live, hike and travel in a climate of serenity and complicity. You’ll discover new places, and you’ll be warmly welcomed everywhere you go.

Mom and I look forward to sharing with you and making you smile.

“Jahan is a precious little being, always eager to find a way of making the simplest stranger smile with his clowning and his warmth.”

– Stephanie –

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with us

“The perfect friend: full of good advice, always happy to see you, likes to share a smile, good to help, a warm place for you, to stay by your side, on whom you can count and always ready to listen.”

– Snoopy –

“Living and traveling better with your dog means learning to understand each other and to communicate better.” Jahan


your dog

“Many dogs grow up without rules or limits. They need exercise, discipline and affection, in this order.

Cesar Millan –



“The journey of life is smoother when traveling with a dog.

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