How to Hike the Magnificent Landes Forest in Capbreton France

If you are wondering how to hike the magnificent Landes forest, follow us during this hike in Capbreton.

In this article, you will discover the wonderful and educational circuit of the Tuc of the 9 churches.

In this article, you will find:

  • A quick presentation of Capbreton.
  • Practical information to prepare your hike, including technical data and useful equipment.
  • A description of what you can expect.
  • The complete video of the hike.
Hiking Landes forest in Capbreton

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The Town of Capbreton.

Capbreton is a town of about 9000 inhabitants, located in the south of Landes. Closer to Bayonne (20kms) than to Dax (about 40kms), it is located along the Atlantic Ocean.

Enjoying a privileged location close to Hossegor and its famous lake, it is both a popular seaside resort, a marina and a fishing port.

Hiking Capbreton Landes Forest: “Circuit du Tuc des 9 Eglises”.

The departure is from the parking lot, just after La Pointe de Capbreton campsite, at the entrance to the town. It is thus extremely easy to park, then to follow the blue signs of the Department of the Landes.

You can find the track on the Visorando application under the name “Tuc des Neuf Eglises” and/or follow the blue signs.

different species of trees resembling a primary forest

Hiking Capbreton Tuc des 9 Eglises – FAQ.

Is this hike for all levels?

Yes, this hike does not present any particular difficulty.

Are there any special precautions to take?

Bring water, as for any hike. The crossing to return to the Pointe is dangerous, as cars arrive very quickly.

What is the nearest station and airport to Capbreton?

Although a Bayonne Capbreton bus exists, it only drops you off at the Cigales – railway stop. It is therefore necessary to walk to the departure, or to join the part of the route close to the stop. There is no train. The nearest airport is Biarritz.

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Do you need a visa?

Check here

Where to Stay in Capbreton?

I do not know of any accommodation in Capbreton. Personally, although we like to walk around the fishermen’s market and the pier, we find the Lake of Hossegor much more peaceful for a stay.

The Villa Seren Hotel & Spa, located by the lake in a peaceful setting, is in my opinion one of the best options for its location.

We have never stayed there, but the hotel is new and a great value. Pets are allowed.

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The Hotel Les Hortensias du Lac is another safe bet, in a beautiful traditional house on the lake. Of course, this establishment is also pet-friendly!

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If you own an en-suite accommodation in Capbreton or the surrounding area, a restaurant or a local business, contact us so that we can come and evaluate it, share our experience on our blogs and social networks and work together. You can do this via our “work with us” page.

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Technical Data of Capbreton Landes Forest Hike.

  • Level : easy and in loop.
  • Possible with children : yes.
  • Hiker profile : none.
  • GPS trace : Visorando application. Name of the hike : Tuc des Neuf Eglises.
  • Technical characteristics : 9,54kms, +63m., 3h.
  • Departure : Parking de la Pointe, Capbreton.
  • Two small difficulties to find the markings: after the bridge and the rest area with the sign on the Boudigau river; at the traffic circle of the rotisserie. You will find them in the video.

Find the GPS track and the complete description on the Visorando app here.

Equipment for your Dog.

Best hiking gears for your dog.

What will you See?

You will often walk along the Boudigau, one of the two local rivers, with its particular vegetation.

You will discover an extremely rich and diversified forest, sometimes sandy with pine trees in majority, sometimes almost primary forest.

You’ll even see a place set up for wildlife, with food and drink.

Nutrients for wild animals
On the left, the food for the wild animals

From the Tuc, you will enjoy a splendid view of the marshes of Orx, with the mountains in the background on one side, the ocean and the dunes on the other side. The nine bell towers are no longer visible. On the way back down, you will have more views of the ocean.

Orx marsh and Pyrenees mountains from le tuc
View of Orx marshes and Pyrenees mountains
Atlantic Ocean from le tuc
Ocean from le tuc

You will pass through some nice quiet neighborhoods, except for the traffic circle and the crossing to the Point.

Depending on the day of your hike, you can make a stop and taste the famous local sand wine.

Video of the Capbreton Landes Forest Hike.

Final words.

If you are in the mood for calm, nature, Landes forest and beautiful views of the ocean and mountains, this loop of le Tuc des 9 églises is made for you.

You’ll have a great half day and won’t regret it!

Before or after this hike in Capbreton, you can take advantage of it to stroll on the fish market, at the estacade and swim.

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Capbreton Landes Forest Hike
How to Hike the Magnificent Landes Forest in Capbreton France

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