Baby Westies – Westie Jahan During the First Month of his life

You are ready for a westie adoption and want to know what baby westies look like during their first month?

Then read this series of articles, which will take you through the development of the West Highland White Terrier from birth to adulthood.

This first article leads you to the discovery of westie puppy from birth to the age of one month. Indeed, mom had the chance to meet me and choose me the day after my birth. Every week, she would visit me and film my progress.

2 weeks-old westie puppy
Westie Jahan two weeks old

Baby westie one week.

At one week old, baby westies look like baby animals whose species is difficult to identify.

Well, to tell you the truth, Mom forgot to take my picture the day after I was born. But honestly, I mostly looked like a little blind and hairless rat.

Here is my very first picture, April 1st, 2014. I was actually 6 days old since I was born on March 26th.

Westie puppy 1 week-old
Westie Jahan 6 days old

Of course, at 6 days, I was still blind. My little nose and mouth were all pink but they were starting to blacken. You could already see the future shape of my muzzle, well elongated. My little sister had a flatter muzzle. And I already had a lot of hair!

Two week old Westie.

At two weeks of age, baby westie is still blind, but he moves around, feels his environment…

On the day of my two weeks, when Mom came to see me, she took several pictures. Above all, that’s when she started making videos!

Baby westie, 2 weeks old

As you can see, my little muzzle and mouth had turned black.

I was moving around by myself, already having fun bothering my sister, biting her and grabbing her by the legs to turn her over and use her as a pillow. You can see the difference in size between her and me. When she was born, she couldn’t feed herself. She had to be bottle-fed. Afterwards, she grew much slower and she died at one month. She was actually suffering from undetected heart failure at birth.

You could also notice that I was going to have a strong character… Read my advice for choosing your breed of dog.

Westies are terriers and, like any self-respecting terrier, we have a strong temperament and are stubborn. You must therefore be prepared and appreciate this type of character…

I grumbled a lot to ask for food. It was all I could think about. I haven’t changed much: I’m extremely greedy!

Westie puppy – 3 weeks old.

I was able to open my eyes a little after my two weeks. I was bothering my little sister even more, biting her everywhere.

My dog mom would often leave us alone, teaching us independence and not to be fed on command.

I already wanted to go exploring the world and I was grumbling – again – to get out of that wooden box that had seen me born. It always makes Mummy laugh when she sees me screaming, with my head raised towards her, at 5 minutes into the video!

The only time I was finally calming down a bit was when my big belly was starting to fill up…

3 week-old westie baby
Westie Jahan 3 weeks old
Westie Baby 3 weeks old

4 week-old Baby Westies.

At four weeks old, I was starting to look more like a little puppy than a baby. My paws were getting stronger and stronger and I had finally been taken out of my wooden box to explore the world. Well, the world… The large cage that we used as a home…

You can read the impressions of my first big trip with Mom, hiking Cinque Terre in Italy here.

4 week-old westie puppy
Westie Jahan 4 weeks old

I was playing more and more and eating less and less. My little naughty temperament was starting to come out…

While my little sister was sleeping on Mommy, I was exploring her things: her camcorder bag, her shoes…

Contrary to what Mom feared, I never ate her shoes and she didn’t even have to forbid me!

Westie baby 4 weeks old


Now you know what baby westies look like from birth to 1 month.

Mom was lucky to be able to visit me every week because she found a really serious professional breeder.

If you want to know why you should buy your dog from a professional breeder, read the article below.

In the next article in this category, I will show you how I grew and behaved from 1 to 2 months.

Baby westie Jahan at 3 and 4 months-old
Baby Westies – Westie Jahan During the First Month of his life

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