Best Kibble for Dogs with Allergies or Sensitive Stomachs in 2021

Kibble in a dog bowl and paws

Are you looking for the best kibble for dogs, even with allergies or sensitive stomachs?

So, read this article where I explain how I’ve been fed since I arrived at Mom’s and the results.

Westie dogs are renowned for their skin allergies and fragile stomachs. I am now almost 7 years-old and never suffered from allergy or occlusion.

Chien attendant devant ses croquettes sans céréales
Kibble for dogs with allergies

Best dry kibble dog food.

Click on the link or the pic below to order Taste of the Wild kibbles.

Taste Of The Wild Wetlands Canine Formula Dry Dog Food 14 lb

These are my favourites now.

It is also the best kibble for picky dogs.

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Why not opt for the BARF?

When I moved in with Mom, she wanted to give me the best meat based dog food. So she looked into the different alternatives, including what is called “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food” or BARF. Her veterinarian and various sources of information convinced her that this was not the right solution for us.

The risks of dietary imbalance, the difficulty in adjusting rations and especially the risks of contaminated food were too great.

Why choose kibble for your dog?

All her readings convinced her that the best dog food for our needs was kibble.

Opting for kibbles means choosing a healthy, complete and balanced diet, easily dosable, palatable and good for the maintenance of the teeth.

Why grain-free kibble?

One last problem arose: croquettes with or without cereals?

Here again, Mom’s research has led to the choice of cereal-free kibbles.

Cereals do not contribute anything to a dog’s diet, but on the contrary represent a danger to his health. This is especially true for breeds and dogs prone to allergies. They may also have been contaminated and be toxic to the dog. Finally, they are rich in starch and non-digestible fiber, and often low in protein.

A dog eating kibbles

How to choose the best kibble for all types of dogs?

First of all, don’t think that because you buy the kibble from your vet, it’s better. Above all, they are much more expensive and veterinarians have agreements with brands

You will also notice that more often than not, the grain-free kibbles are better balanced, resulting in lower daily doses.

To choose the right cereal-free kibble for your dog, I advise you to test it for several days.

It is recommended to change the diet gradually, incorporating the new kibbles little by little.

You should also look at the composition label. Of course, the croquettes must be free of cereals, but also look at the percentage of potatoes, sweet potatoes and peas. Choose the kibbles with the least amount of starch.

Finally, look at the ash content, which must be less than 10%. Ideally, for a dog, it should be between 5 and 9%. Behind this name, there are actually minerals and trace elements that are indispensable, but which must be dosed correctly.

Orijen Puppy, best puppy Kibble.

I immediately loved and very well supported the Orijen Puppy kibbles. As I am very greedy, I always finish my bowl. With these kibbles, my bowl was quickly empty.

My feces were very nice and without any bad smell. My hair and coat were impeccable, I was full of energy. I did not have any food allergies or illnesses related to my diet.

Mom recommended Orijen kibbles for the Dalmatian dog of a friend who had allergies. With Orijen kibble, her allergies stopped although before her mom bought her some very expensive hypoallergenic kibble!!!

Orijen Original Kibble.

As an adult, I started eating Orijen Original, Six Fish or Regional Red kibbles.

I loved them for 4 years. Like the Orijen Puppy, I didn’t have any allergies, my hair and coat were beautiful, I was in great shape.

After 4 years, I started having problems digesting them. Mom noticed this because I often had flatulence with an unpleasant smell. It may have been the fact of alternating between different compositions. We therefore recommend that you stay on the composition that works well and not alternate.

Wolf of Wilderness Kibble.

I really liked those kibbles too. Unfortunately, it was even worse for my digestion. Not only did I have flatulence, but I also had very bad breath. I was also doing something very weird: I was compulsively licking in the vacuum…

So, we don’t recommend this brand.

Dog who doesn't want to eat his kibbles

Taste of the Wild Kibble.

Click on the pic or link to order my favourite kibbles.

Taste Of The Wild Wetlands Canine Formula Dry Dog Food 14 lb

As I said before, these are my current kibbles.

I love them and I digest them very well. They are perfectly balanced and contain only 8.8% ashes. I am full of energy.

I don’t have any food allergies or illnesses because of my food.

In short, Mom and I are very happy about it!

Results after 6 years of dog dry kibble without cereals.

While westies are very prone to skin problems, I don’t have any, which doesn’t fail to surprise veterinarians!

Thanks to these kibbles, I am in perfect health and I keep my healthy weight.

My teeth are in perfect health. My new vet even said that I have beautiful teeth. I love everything that is crunchy. There are my kibbles, but my mom also often gives me a carrot, my favorite treat. I also particularly like hazelnuts and grapes, which I eat directly from the vine in our orchard.

Rather than giving sticks for dental care, Mom usually gives me the vegetables and fruit I like best. Don’t hesitate to test your dog’s preferences. I’m stubborn and often want to try new things. Mom knows when I’m not going to like it, but I try anyway… before I leave that weird new taste on the floor.

Conclusion – Best Kibble for Dogs.

To keep your dog in perfect health, we recommend that you opt for these best kibble for dogs. Now you know which ones we have tested and found to be the best on the market.

What food do you feed your dog with? What benefits do you find? Let us know in the comments below.

If you have a relative, a friend or an acquaintance who wants to know how to choose his dog kibble, don’t forget to send him my article!

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This article contains compensated links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Consult the disclaimer on the site for more information.

Dogs with kibbles
Best Kibble for Dogs with Allergies or Sensitive Stomachs in 2021

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