Dog Friendly Hikes Close to Saint Jean Pied de Port France

A few days ago, Mom wanted to hike close to Saint Jean Pied de Port with me. There’s a lot of dog friendly hikes in the Basque Country, both easy or difficult.

Little westies like me may be small, we are full of energy, muscular and always ready for a mountain hike! But this one was really easy.

So we left in the direction of Saint Jean Pied de Port and stopped a few kilometers away, in the village of Lasse. Our first hike of the day was the Fiteranea trail.

In this article, I make you discover our wonderful hike through Mom’s photos and videos.

You will learn:

  • the technical data of the hike.
  • what you will see.
  • specific recommendations if you are hiking with your dog.
  • the equipment needed to do this hike with a dog.
  • the video of the hike.
Two Wild Basque Horses with Pyrenees mountains
Pottoks and Iparla mountain ridges

FAQ on Saint Jean Pied de Port Lasse hike.

Are there any particular difficulties with this hike?

No. The Lasse loop is short and easy, suitable for everyone.

Is it necessary to devote the whole day to this outing?

No. You can very well plan to visit Saint Jean Pied de Port at the same time. There is a very nice loop on Visorando.

Is there a particular time to do this hike?

This hike is suitable for all seasons. It is particularly nice in winter when the summits are covered with snow.
If you want to discover the local products, choose Thursday for the local market under the covered market of Saint Jean Pied de Port.

What is the nearest train station and airport to Lasse?

For the train, it is the TER station of Saint Jean Pied de Port.
For the bus, Saint Jean Pied de Port also.
The nearest airport is the BAB airport, in Anglet Biarritz.
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Fiteranea trail in Lasse – technical information.

You can find this hike on the Visorando application. Nevertheless, it is rather well marked with yellow signs.

The departure is from the church square and the pelota court of Lasse. Park directly on this large parking lot, the first one accessible when you arrive. Don’t rely on Visorando and Waze, which will take you a little bit further…

You will find the sign and the starting signpost in front of the church.

Church of Lasse with snowy Pyrenees mountains
Lasse church

The sign indicates 1h30 of hike for a little more than 100 meters of difference in altitude and a little less than 5kms.

It is both a very easy and dog friendly hike.

What will you see during the Fiteranea hike?

  • The Pyrenean Mountains: Iparla, Jara, Arradoy, Behorleguy, etc. The day of our hike, they were covered with snow!!!
  • The fauna of the Basque Country: pottoks (small wild Basque horses), sheep and rams, griffon vultures…
  • The citadel of Saint Jean Pied de Port.
Several rams with black head
These rams are called manechs tête noire
Sheeps and snowy Basque mountains
From here, you can see Saint Jean Pied de Port Citadel

Recommendation for a dog friendly hike.

This hike, without any particular difficulty, can be done with any type of dog.

There is a lot of cow dung. It’s very tempting for a little westie in search of attention because Mommy is taking pictures or chatting for too long… I rolled in it twice in revenge for waiting without her attention…

The presence of pottoks, ewes and black-headed Manech rams makes it necessary to keep your dog on a leash if he doesn’t have a good callback. While Mom was filming, I entered a field to chase the sheep and rams. Mom immediately called me back and I stopped immediately. But if you have any doubts about your dog’s behaviour, don’t let him wandering alone. An injury can quickly happen, for him, for the cattle, with heavy consequences…

Materials needed for the dog friendly hikes.

Where to stay?

In Saint Jean Pied de Port.

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Fiterenea hike video.

Fiterenea Hike


We recommend this wonderful dog friendly hike around Saint Jean Pied de Port.

Without particular difficulty, it requires limited equipment.

If you are lucky enough to do it with the summits clear, you will have a great time. And with the snow, it’s even better!!!

Take the opportunity to continue with the Saint Jean Pied de Port hike called “Donibane Garazi, l’étape des pélerins” on Visorando.

For another nearby hike detailed on this blog, check the penas d’Itsusi trail in Bidarray here.

For more articles for traveling with your dog, consult this section.

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Basque horses with Pyrenees mountains and Basque rams
Dog Friendly Hikes Close to Saint Jean Pied de Port France

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